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2025 Stuttgart International Symposium
on Automotive and Engine Technology

3 - 4 July 2025

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Closing the Gap in Future Vehicle Development - How IoT Technology can change the Test Culture

Anton Malsam, CarMedialab GmbH

Cost-efficient solutions are a key factor in ensuring competitiveness in the development of future software-based vehicle functions. Due to the disproportionate increase in complexity, their validation and quality assurance is a high priority. In addition, the Corona pandemic shows how fragile current development processes are when local access to vehicle data is not possible. __The use of IoT technologies can support the traditional development process and help in the transition to the software-defined vehicle. The approach presented here divides the phases of validation in terms of test equipment accessibility: local on site, conditional access, inaccessible. IoT-enabled measurement equipment is installed to complement conventional measurement technology in the first phase. In addition to the vehicle status, this phase documents the functionality of all measurement equipment. In the next phase, the scope is extended by shifting the vehicle data acquisition from conventional to IoT-enabled measuring devices, thus freeing up existing resources. As accessibility changes, the need for management will increase. In the third phase, as new features mature, the amount of vehicle data can be reduced to allow testing in the field using current mobile technologies. This will allow additional testing of intelligent interactions between the vehicle and the cloud platform, such as cloud-vehicle loops, as well as the use of different processing chains for even better access to vehicle data.