2024 Stuttgart International Symposium 

Automotive and Engine Technology

2 - 3 July 2024

Session: HYDROGEN II | | 17:30 - 18:00

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Spark Plug and Passive Pre-Chamber Ignition on a Single-Cylinder Engine with Hydrogen Port Fuel Injection for Lean Operations

Sebastian Bucherer, Fraunhofer ICT

The race towards zero carbon emissions is ongoing with the need to reduce the consumption of fossil energy resources. This demands immediate and reliable developments regarding technical environmentally friendly solutions for the power and transportation sectors. An alternative way to achieve a carbon-free powertrain is the use of green hydrogen for internal combustion engines. Operating a hydrogen-fuelled engine offers many opportunities as well as challenges that need to be addressed. In this work the self-designed Fraunhofer single cylinder engine with a displacement volume of 500 cm³ derived for extreme lean combustion and passive pre-chamber ignition was adapted for hydrogen engine operation. With hydrogen combustion, the customized cooling system resulting in low metal temperatures is simulated and optimized to avoid hot spots in the combustion chamber. The basic engine setup being investigated on the test bench contains a compression ratio of 12.2, port fuel injection and a common spark plug. Based on the results the engine is operated with a passive pre-chamber to investigate the influence of pre-chamber ignition on hydrogen combustion. The focus of this work lies on variation of basic engine parameters on the testbench to address the potentials and challenges of pre-chamber ignition on engine characteristics while targeting indicated mean effective pressures >23 bar and indicated efficiency >45%.