2024 Stuttgart International Symposium 

Automotive and Engine Technology

2 - 3 July 2024

Session: TESTING I | | 17:00 - 17:30

Vehicle-independent Credibility of X-domain Simulation Environments

Michael Baumann, Bosch Engineering GmbH

In today's vehicle development, software is developed and should be tested independent from vehicle and even before a real prototype or hardware components are available. The various digital hard- and software components are developed and integrated as X-Domain software-in-the-loop systems. The full virtualization of vehicles saves enormous resources, but also raises one essential question: How can we evaluate the quality and suitability of the virtual environment without real vehicle reference data for comparison? New approaches are needed for assessing the credibility of virtual systems according to the prevailing boundary conditions and included components. Knowledge about a model’s credibility level enables simulation-based decisions from virtual calibration, design decisions up to virtualized releases. It also forms the communication basis for collaboration across organizational boundaries. Across multiple Bosch domains, we develop and apply processes, methods and tools to achieve credibility of simulation models by generalized steps including verification, validation and uncertainty quantification of X-Domain simulation environments. In this paper we will present our approach at Bosch Engineering, how future collaboration in the development of X-domain features can look like by showing a simulation environment for Advanced Driver Assistance System including virtualised radar software, electronic stability control and electronic power steering system.