23. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium

Automobil- und Motorentechnik

4. - 5. Juli 2023

Session: THERMO-MANAGEMENT | | 17:30 - 18:00

Simulation-based Development of Thermal Management for Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicles

Tarik Hadzovic, PEM, RWTH Aachen

Although a promising solution for emission-free long-haul traffic, a fuel cell system poses a significant challenge when it comes to thermal management and its integration into a vehicle. This paper addresses the challenges of fuel cell cooling (low permissible coolant temperature, high losses and large radiators) as well as challenges of battery thermal management. These difficulties are presented on the example of project SeLv, which has a goal of converting three conventional (diesel) 40t heavy-duty trucks to fuel cell trucks. Firstly, an oversized system and resulting problems with integration of the components inside the vehicle are discussed. In order to tackle the mentioned challenges, a 1D full-vehicle model is developed in Amesim. The model features a longitudinal dynamics model including drivetrain components which defines requirements on thermal management on the basis of real, measured driving cycles. The radiators and the airflow around them are modelled in detail considering both the airstream due to vehicle velocity as well as the forced airstream due to the fans. With the help of the developed simulation model, two different packaging concepts in which FC cooling system is placed either behind the cabin or in the engine compartment are assessed in terms of cooling suitability. Furthermore, an attempt is made to identify an optimal thermal system topology through the use of simulation.