13th FKFS-Conference

Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management

11 -  12 October 2023

13th FKFS-Conference

Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management

The 13th FKFS-Conference 'Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management' is an ideal location to get latest information about new car developments, new or improved testing techniques and simulation methods. It provides a great opportunity to meet leading experts from industry, universities and other institutions to exchange and discuss ideas.


A unique feature of the conference is provided by complementing demonstrations showing state of the art measurement technologies and testing procedures applied live in the FKFS Wind Tunnels and Laboratories.


FKFS - Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart


Scientific Management: 

Dr.-Ing. Timo Kuthada

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wagner

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Wiedemann


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