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11 -13 June & 16 - 25 July 2024

Electrification of Mobility I

Motivation, Technology Outlook, and Markets

22 July 2024


Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni, The Ohio State University

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Target Group

The course has been designed for automotive, electric power industry and vehicle fleet operations executives who wish to gain a broad understanding of the technology, supply chain and market opportunities and challenges associated with electrified mobility.  Prof. Rizzoni has been engaged in engineering research and education in e-mobility for 30 years; this course represents a compendium of current challenges and future prospects for the e-mobility industry.


Module 1: Electrification of Mobility

  • History of e-mobility
  • Energy considerations
    • Primary energy sources 
    • Well-to-tank energy and emissions analysis – electricity and non-petroleum based fuels are not necessarily carbon-free
  • Vehicle energy use and regulatory environment
  • Understanding vehicle energy consumption
  • Impact of electrification
  • Some observations on world vehicle markets
  • Challenges and opportunitities

Module 2: Powertrain electrification – Electric Drive Systems

  • Introduction to electric drive system
  • Properties of traction motors and motor controllers
    Basic principles of operation
    Types of electric machines and power converters
  • Torque speed curves and efficiency of electric drives
  • Regenerative braking
  • Example of electric drive systems for xEVs

Module 3: Powertrain electrification – Energy Storage Systems

  • Basic definitions, including energy and power density and cycle life
  • Lithium-ion batteries – state of the art and current challenges
  • Li-ion cell formats and performance characteristics
  • Materials for Li-ion cells – current and future directions
  • Battery pack design and system integration
  • Charging systems
  • Battery life and lifecycle
  • Market and supply chain considerations