FKFS Veranstaltungen

FKFS Academy

11 -13 June & 16 - 25 July 2024

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Stoll

In 2011 Daniel Stoll received his diploma degree in mechanical engineering from University of Stuttgart, Germany. He then joined the department of Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management at Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart (FKFS). Key activities were the development of new measurement techniques for unsteady aerodynamics in both experiment and CFD as well as the implementation of the FKFS swing system (Side Wind Generator) in the model scale and full scale aeroacoustic wind tunnel. In 2017 he received the doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) for his work on “Active Crosswind Generation and its Effect on the Unsteady Aerodynamic Vehicle Properties Determined in an Open-Jet Wind Tunnel". In recognition of his outstanding achievement, he received the ECARA award in 2018. From 2017 until 2022, Dr. Stoll worked as an Aerodynamics Group Leader at FKFS where he had technical responsibility for aerodynamic projects concerning transient aerodynamics. In 2019, Dr. Stoll started lecturing at the University of Stuttgart and the well renowned FKFS Summer School. As from September 2022, Dr. Stoll is a fulltime lecturer and academic employee at the Institute of Automotive Engineering (IFS, University of Stuttgart). His research work is largely associated with vehicle aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel technology.