FKFS Veranstaltungen

2024 Stuttgart International Symposium
on Automotive and Engine Technology

2. - 3. Juli 2024

Session: DRIVING & VEHICLE SAFETY | | 15:30 - 16:00

Technical Evaluation of the Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Shuttle Buses

Kun Gao, FKFS

With the law on autonomous driving and the associated ordinance, it has been possible in Germany since June 2022 to grant operating permission to vehicles with autonomous driving function and to admit them to road traffic. For public transport, autonomous shuttle buses offer the opportunity to maintain the existing service despite a shortage of personnel and to close gaps in supply. The safety of vehicle occupants, other road users and third parties is a key concern in the operation of autonomous shuttle buses. As part of the project Reallabor für den Automatisierten Busbetrieb im ÖPNV in der Stadt und auf dem Land" ("Reallabor for Automated Bus Operation in Public Transport in Urban and Rural Areas", or RABus for short), which is funded by the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg, the operational reliability of autonomous shuttle buses in public transport is being scientifically investigated. In the implementation of autonomous driving, obstacle detection/avoidance is a safety-critical driving function. The number of possible scenarios in the real world is almost infinite, which makes the technical and systematic evaluation of automation function a challenge for developers, testers, and certification bodies of autonomous driving. In this work, we present the state of the art in terms of obstacle detection and compares metrics for evaluating obstacle detection function. The technical evaluation of obstacle detection of a vehicle with autonomous driving function is shown using the example of the real labs in Friedrichshafen and Mannheim in the RABus project. For both cities, the infrastructural requirements in the operational design domain are surveyed. Current developments in the field of (international) standardization in the description of operational conditions/operational domains (including ASAM OpenODD) will be followed and evaluated for applicability."