FKFS Events

2025 Stuttgart International Symposium
on Automotive and Engine Technology

3 - 4 July 2025


In addition to the opportunity to be part of the 2024 Stuttgart International Symposium as an exhibitor, you can also sponsor the conference and thus increase the visibility of your company.

Exhibitor Lounge

Together with an exhibition area you book a lounge area at a reduced price. In this area, the distribution of drinks during breaks is organized and financed by the organizer, but you design the entire lounge with your Corporate Design yourself and act as sponsor of this area. The lounge will be named after you and listed in the program/exhibition plan. You are welcome to brand everything in this area, for example napkins, snacks etc. with your branding. The design of the lounge will be done in consultation with the organizer and must meet a few specifications, such as the provision of seating.


Offer visitors the possibility of LAN-based working with a comfortably designed working space! The space will be named after you and listed accordingly in the program/exhibition plan.

Organic Apples with Branding

We place great value on sustainable, healthy and regional supply for our guests.
Support this effort by sponsoring fruit!

Your Workshop

This is your chance to offer a workshop with a topic of your choice and to gain more visibility among the participants.

We provide you with a room and a spot in the program. You pick the speaker and the content.

Branding of Catering Tables

In the catering area, we offer you the option of branding the bar tables (table tops) with displays or imprints.

Networking Event

You are the exclusive sponsor of the Networking Event with the following possibilities:

  • Mentioning as evening sponsor in the program flyer and on our website
  • Banner in the location
  • Branding of table / menu card
  • Mentioning in the welcome speech

Nothing in it?

Contact us and together we will find a suitable way to present your company at the 2024 Stuttgart International Symposium in the best possible way.

Philipp Sautter from EMENDO will be happy to help you.