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2024 Stuttgart International Symposium
on Automotive and Engine Technology

2 - 3 July 2024

Session: Poster |

Deep learning and Geo-fencing based free parking spot detection using a camera mounted on a truck

Lei Ye, FKFS

The increase in global shipping demand for goods is abruptly changing the transportation industry. Today, everything is available at our fingertips without visiting a store. E-commerce and advancements in the digital world have significantly increased customer demand. The automation of the logistics industry is a demanding research topic today. Among many other endless advantages, automation of the logistics industry improves efficiency, reduces human errors, and saves on labor and energy requirements. Vehicle automation in the logistics yard is one of the critical applications in logistics yards. For better inventory management and faster operations, it is pivotal to know the occupancy of parking spots. Compared to traditional parking spot detection methods, we largely mitigate the impact of parking marker occlusion and wear and tear on detection results. In addition, with the help of truck-mounted monocular cameras and distance estimates based on the true size of the Swap body, we reduce deployment and maintenance costs while increasing deployment flexibility. Finally, with the help of geo-fencing, we can add additional information to the detection results while avoiding the need for additional reference detections.