FKFS Veranstaltungen

2025 Stuttgart International Symposium
on Automotive and Engine Technology

3. - 4. Juli 2025

Session: Keynote | | 13:00 - 13:30

Priorities - What Is Really Important

Vince Ebert, Physicist and Comedian

Whole companies are operating remotely from their private homes. Entire industries have been put on hold. People fear for their employment and bosses complain about lack of productivity. Maybe soon the only people on the streets will be Amazon delivery guys. Everyone else is sitting isolated at home, streaming, posting, zooming or liking something or other.
In times like these we have to reconsider our priorities. What is really important? What is redundant? Companies and enterprises need optimism and inspiration more than ever before. And a reasonable helping of humor.
Vince Ebert has developed a vaccine against misery and despair and shows in his usual witty manner how to stay productive, positive and capable of action in a phase of complete uncertainty. And how to prioritize.
“Priorities” – food for thought in uninspired times