FKFS Veranstaltungen

2025 Stuttgart International Symposium
on Automotive and Engine Technology

3. - 4. Juli 2025

Session: Battery | | 11:00 - 11:30

Rapid Assessment of EV Battery without Driving the Car

Andreas Richter, DEKRA SE

The battery is the most expensive component in a vehicle. And this will remain the case. While a faulty battery condition is annoying for the first-time user, it is a significant technical impairment and an economic loss for the used car buyer. Once the vehicle reaches a certain age, repairing or replacing the battery is no longer economical. The condition of the battery has a significant influence on the used car market and information about its condition is important – both for seller and buyer. In recent years, various battery test procedures have been introduced in order to be able to use them for the assessment of vehicle HV batteries. DEKRA has developed and launched an assessment system with a special feature: a quick assessment. It is therefore tailored to the specific use case of used vehicle valuation. The challenge of an independent evaluation of the battery is sufficient power-electric excitation of the battery, which is implemented by a test drive in the form of strong acceleration. However, strong acceleration is not possible in every test situation for technical, organizational or infrastructural reasons. Accordingly, alternative methods are being investigated - instead of stimulation by discharging by means of a short test drive, stimulation by charging was also investigated. Two basic charging approaches - DC and AC charging - integrated into a new M2M architecture and the results are presented according to their accuracy.